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Paragon Kit - RC-20 Presets Vol. 1

Paragon Kit - RC-20 Presets Vol. 1
Paragon Kits by Mick Schultz

Paragon Kit - RC-20 Presets Vol. 1

Introducing Paragon Kit: RC-20 Presets Vol. 1


Paragon Kits is a collection of custom made samples, presets, and drum sounds used by top producers and creatives around the world. Made to set trends, not follow them. Always focused on how to sound different and help producers elevate their music.


Kit Features:

  • 65 Custom RC-20 Presets made by Multi-Platinum Producer Mick Schultz (Rihanna, Jeremih, KYLE, 50 Cent)
  • 37 Unique Analog One-Shot Samples (Tuned to C for easy and quick access)
  • Designed with the Moog One and Juno 60
  • Processed with analog gear (Neve 1073, API 3124, Manley Massive Passive, Stereo Distressors)
  • Presets Require XLN Audio’s RC-20 Plugin

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