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!llmind Blap Kit Vol. 11


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Dilla Drums! The Fantastic Sounds of Jay Dee - Limited Edition USB Drive

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The Fantastic Sounds of Jay Dee” is a new producer kit featuring a collection of sounds from the original recordings of iconic producer Jay Dee aka J Dilla. Jay Dee’s influence on music production is undeniable, and with this sound pack his legacy will not just inspire the next generation of producers, but be a direct part of their work. While supplies last, this historic set is now available on a limited-edition USB drive in a custom collector’s box. “The Fantastic Sounds of Jay Dee” features over 100 sounds from classic Jay Dee instrumentals, transferred directly from 2” multitrack tapes. The majority of the material comes from the influential producer’s work with Slum Village, including their classic albums Fantastic Vol. 1 and Fantastic Vol. 2. Curated by Young RJ of Slum Village, the kit is heavy on drum sounds but also includes bass tones and sound effects. This historic release marks the first time authentic Jay Dee sounds have ever been made available to the public.

Drum Broker - Black Friday 2018 Sale

October 24, '18 by Travis Brady

Welcome to The Drum Broker's annual Black Friday Sale. This year on November 23rd, 2018 ALL Sample Packs, Drum Kits, and Bundles will be 50% off for ONE DAY ONLY

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Joints Off iOS Vol. 1 by MSimp

July 11, '18 by Travis Brady

  1. The Revolution: Simply was going for an intro track here to kick off the tape. Wanted to bring in an outside voice to intro the record + some Gil Scott-Heron for emphasis on our journey in iOS. Layered numerous drums here from Wavs From Wakanda, Fouler 808s, The Mindset Kit (via an MSXII pack w/Beatmaker...

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Selling Beats Online using Social Media - Airbit Facebook Pixel Integration

December 24, '17 by Travis Brady , Tagged: Videos

Facebook makes advertising to your fans and potential customers (audiences) nearly fool proof. With a little technical knowledge selling beats online just got magnitudes easier by using Airbit and their Facebook Pixel Integration. The power of Airbit's Facebook Pixel Integration is in its ability to track visitors (Facebook users) to...

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Serato Sample Challenge + Drum Broker Give Away

December 06, '17 by Travis Brady , Tagged: Videos

This month we are giving away a copy of Serato Sample to coincide with their $10,000 #seratosamplechallenge  All qualifying Drum Broker purchases for the month of December count as a single entry into the giveaway. So if you buy something in December, you're automatically entered to win! We'll announce the...

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MSXII Sound Design - Lo-Fly Dirt iOS Audio Plugin

Lo-Fly Dirt by MSXII An audio coloration utility plugin featuring individual modes for classic emulation of some iconic music production tools. This tool is meant to bring character, or "dirt" to your incoming audio signals.Lo-Fly Dirt installs as an Audio Unit effect for hosts that support the format such as...

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The MSXNation Tape 1

November 24, '17 by Travis Brady

Do yourself a smoove favor and jam the first installment of the MSXNation Tape series! The MSXNation Beat-Tape series features nothing but producers using the sounds from MSXII Sound Design. Check it out, show them some love with comments/likes/shares, and support them! Great work. Stay tuned for more! Tracklisting: FuhReal...

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Selling Beats with Homage

1. How long have you been making beats/producing? I've been making beats for 5 years.  I was first exposed to the idea of production 2 years earlier when I bought a cheap dj setup my freshman year of college.  My friends used to come over and freestyle, and I would...

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Bullyfinger Samples: Interview with Jordan Thorn

October 31, '17 by Travis Brady , Tagged: Interviews

1. Introduce yourself to the readers who may not be familiar with the Bullyfinger Brand. I'd say that i'm a record digger and collector turned audio hardware geek. Quit beats long ago and just started dealing samples to my friends, some of which became pretty awesome producers. From there I...

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Beatnick Dee - Inspiration For Hire Vol. II

Enter "Inspiration for Hire Vol. II" by Beatnick Dee: I just dropped a collection of songs ranging from Salsa, Prog Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Modern Soul, Fusion, and exotic sounds from around the world. I love the mystique and intrigue of private press records, so there’s some of that in there...

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Slaine vs. Termanology - Anti Hero LP

October 10, '17 by Travis Brady

If you haven't already, check out the new Slaine vs. Termanology - Anti Hero LP. The production is dope and the rap is off the wall good! Drum Broker certified Steam and Preview on Spotify:

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DJ-Pain 1: G Koop discusses Sampling & Producing Bad & Boujee

September 20, '17 by Travis Brady , Tagged: Videos

Many people don't know Gkoop also produced Bad and Boujee, I Got the Keys, It's a Vibe, and many more hit singles. I asked him if he wanted more credit/exposure for these beats. He also speaks on sampling and his opinion of it in this Beatstars exclusive interview. bad and...

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Back to The Lab - Hip Hop Home Studios (Book)

September 15, '17 by Travis Brady

Purchase Here: Back to The Lab  You might know the black & white photo of J Dilla sitting in a stark, clean living room, just him at a table with a sampler. This one right here. This and shots of Madlib taken in Los Angeles that day, were the last that Raph...

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