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Cookin Soul - Drum Kits

Cookin Soul - Drum Kits

Cookin Soul Drum Kits are specifically designed for lofi Hip Hop and Boom Bap production. These must-have drum kits, created by the renowned hip hop producer and beatmaker Cookin Soul, are packed with neck snappin snares, huge kicks, phat bass notes, exclusive drum loops, hi-hats, and percussion loops. You'll also find a special folders with 90s style horn hits, fender rhodes chords, wah guitars, and all kinds of gritty sounds, all processed through Cookin Soul's favorite vintage gear - the SP-404, EMU SP1200, and MPC 3000. With a track record of working with industry heavyweights like Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa, Cookin Soul's top-quality drums and samples are a must-have for any lofi producer looking to elevate their production game.
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