1. Are your Sample Packs Royalty Free? What is the General License?

Answer: Yes, we offer Royalty Free Sample Packs and Sample Packs that are Master Clearance Guaranteed. The product description will let you know if a sample pack is royalty free or has an alternative license.

All Drum Kits and Breaks are 100% Royalty Free.

If you have questions about whether you fall under the Master Clearance category, please email us. 

Label and Producer Licenses (unless noted as Royalty Free):

  1. The Rucker Collective: Read the License Here
  2. Kingsway Music Library: Read the License Here
  3. !llmind:  Read the License Here
  4. Pelham & Junior: Read the License Here

You can read our general licensing terms and conditions here: Terms and Conditions


Many companies choose to offer their samples royalty-free and produce a high volume of material for producers and creators to use however they would like. Many of our labels and vendors approach is different - our composers take great care and time to provide the highest quality recordings possible, many of which are much longer and more intricate and layered than the average royalty-free sample.

3. I purchased a drum kit or sample pack and cannot find the download link. Where is it?

Click Here to look up your order and retrieve your drum kit or sample pack download links.

All drum kits, sample packs, and digital downloads links are sent to the e-mail address your order was placed under. Occasionally, some e-mail services and filters will re-direct our e-mails to your SPAM Folder/Filter. If your PayPal e-mail address is different than the order e-mail address, check your PayPal e-mail inbox.

Please check your SPAM Folder/Filter before contacting Customer Service. The subject line for order e-mails looks like this:

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Should you have further trouble locating your order download link, contact Customer Service by clicking here OR manually retrieve your orders by clicking here

4. Can you recommend which drum kits or sample packs I should purchase?

We like our drums to hit hard and sound dirty, but we also have "clean" sounds & samples. All of our drum kits are hand selected or designed with hip hop & boom bap producers in mind. However, this doesn't mean that our sounds are limited to those specific genres. Our kits easily fit into Pop, Electronic, Dubstep, and numerous other genres. Our drum kits are designed to be timeless and cross-genre ready. With that being said, if you are looking for a particular "sound" use our contact form by clicking here. and well give you some recommendations.

5. I have a ton of drum samples and am interested in making my own kits and sample packs. Would you sell my kit/sample packs on your site?

Generally speaking, no. Unless you are well known producer or industry sound designer we probably won't carry your kit(s). Our goal is to provide the highest quality hip hop and electronic drum samples and libraries. By hand selecting our producers, sound designers, and kits we are able to quality control our sound library and keep our drums consistent and compelling.

Feel free to submit a resume and proposal via our contact form by clicking here.