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Minta Foundry - POW! BREAKS Vol. 2 - "Twelve Tone Ramone"

Minta Foundry - POW! BREAKS Vol. 2 - "Twelve Tone Ramone"


POW! BREAKS Vol. 2 - Twelve Tone Ramone

Unleash the power of sound with 'POW! Breaks' Vol. 2, featuring 20 original drum and percussion loops alongside 130 punchy one-shots, tailor-made to banish musical monotony.

Every break in this pack comes in three different versions: a full break, a drums only break, and a percussions only break. Recorded by super-drummer A.J. Hall and processed by sound-design aficionado Al Hug, these drums are as grimy as they get. The layered percussions add another dimension to each break and make them sound truly unique.

In the bustling city of Borianda, a strange, discordant energy started to fill the air. The citizens, unable to escape the sounds that plagued them, covered their ears and winced in discomfort. As it turned out, this was the work of a notorious supervillain known as „Twelve-Tone Ramone“. With his evil powers, he had managed to infiltrate every radio station and concert venue, spreading his soulless tunes far and wide. As the menacing presence of „Twelve-Tone Ramone“ began to spread across the world, Dr. A.J. HALL and Professor AL HUG knew they had to act fast and confront the villain. As they began to play the sound of their POW! Breaks, they could feel the energy in the air shifting and the very fabric of sound beginning to realign itself around their creation. For a moment, it seemed as though the battle was at a stalemate, the two opposing forces locked in a fierce struggle for dominance. But then, with a sudden burst of power, the POW! BREAKS surged forward, overwhelming the malevolent force of „Twelve-Tone Ramone“ and banishing him to the farthest reaches of the music world.

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