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Minta Foundry by Al Hug

Minta Foundry by Al Hug

Minta is a playground for exploration and collaboration. In a life full of digitalised chores and jobs, we were looking for a way to to get our hands dirty without entrapping ourselves in hours of theoretical "what ifs". Or as Kenny Beats would say: Don't overthink shit.

Born as a purely fun-based project, Minta is there to push us into these collaborations, giving us the opportunity to have a steady side goal in mind. We firmly believe, that music should be a shared experience, and with Minta, we want to offer you a continuously growing library of sounds and samples that surpass the usual attractions. Please feel free to experiment, create or even pass on these sounds - and let us know if something evolves out of it! If you are unsure about licensing questions for your possible releases, please don't hesitate to ask, we're happy to help!

‍ As Musicians, we repeatedly find ourselves in situations where we might have a vision or sound in mind, but not the tools to achieve it. So on the other hand, we started Minta to turn our need for purpose-driven gear into custom made products that would perfectly fit our ideas of how something should look, feel and work. And we dearly hope, you'll find the same joy in our products and their possibilities as we do.

We are always looking for the next gripping idea. Maybe since ages, you have this cool pedal in your mind, but you need help developing it. Or you're already working on that new awesome musical tool, and we can support you in giving the final touches and getting and it out there. Or maybe, you just want to collaborate with us, without having something specific in mind. Whatever it is, we'd love you to get in touch with us.

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