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Minta Foundry - POW! BREAKS Vol. 1 - "The Lab"

Minta Foundry - POW! BREAKS Vol. 1 - "The Lab"

POW! BREAKS Vol. 1 - The Lab

In a world where supervillains exist, Dr. A.J. HALL and Professor AL HUG, two independent scientists, meet in a lab with a plan to fight evil. Together they develop the POW! BREAKS, a drums and percussion mixture, so powerful, it can fight evil. At this point, the two scientist are unsure how they managed to create the super-heroic energy that radiates from these breaks. It must be the fact, that the world has never before heard kicks and snares this grimy and crunchy. Other Scientists have laughed at their methods, but there is no time to find scientific proof for their work, true evil needs to be stopped. Now!

The POW! BREAKS are pure rhythmic Kryptonite. Fighting (musical) evil has never been that easy!

20 Breaks, 160 One Shots

Every break in this pack comes in three different versions: a full break, a drums only break, and a percussions only break. Recorded by super-drummer A.J. Hall and processed by sound-design aficionado Al Hug, these drums are as grimy as they get. The layered percussions add another dimension to each break and make them sound truly unique.

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