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Minta Foundry - Guitars, Chapter 2 Orléans

Minta Foundry - Guitars, Chapter 2 Orléans
Minta Foundry

Minta Foundry - Guitars, Chapter 2 Orléans

The Orléans guitar pack is the second chapter of our guitar pack series, brought to you by Al Hug and Faison. From bluesy Red Dead Redemption vibes to New Orleans meets Nouvelle Vague tunes – this pack covers a wide range of sounds. It features 10 sample loops, 10 raw guitar loops and 23 licks for you to play with. The compositions featured in this pack were recorded with vintage ribbon mics, analog preamps, a 1/4" tape deck, a cassette deck, spring reverb and analog delay.


All recordings were done using a variety of vintage acoustic nylon and steel string guitars from the 60s and 70s, all of them carefully restored by Minta Boutiques very own luthier, Bonso.


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