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Minta Foundry - Foundry Presets 06: Effect Rack Vol. 2

Minta Foundry - Foundry Presets 06: Effect Rack Vol. 2

Foundry Presets 06 - Effect Rack Vol. 2

Minta Foundry is excited to announce the release of the fifth installment in their Mini-Pack Series, "Foundry Presets". Al Hug, a renowned sound designer and music producer, has curated 40 expertly crafted presets for the powerful EFFECT RACK plugin by Soundtoys. With a range of delay, distortion, and modulation presets at your disposal, you'll have endless possibilities to create unique sounds and textures. Discover Al Hug's innovative techniques as he blends PRIMAL TAP and MICRO SHIFT to create a vibrant phasor-inspired soundscape and find out how he expertly combines DEVIL-LOC, PAN MAN, and FILTER FREAK to create a preset that will make you question your need for any other plugins. Get ready to elevate your sound design with "Foundry Presets 06: Effect Rack Vol. 2“


Features 30 Custom Presets Sound Design by Al Hug


Requires: Effect Rack by Soundtoys

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