Minta Foundry - Foundry Presets 03: Effect Rack

Minta Foundry

Minta Foundry presents the third pack from their Mini-Pack Series Foundry Presets. This time, Al Hug shares 30 carefully designed presets for one of the most powerful plugins out there: EFFECT RACK by Soundtoys. The different delay, distortion, and modulation devices give you countless possibilities to create tons of different sounds and textures. Explore how Al Hug combines PRIMAL TAP and MICRO SHIFT into a bright phasor-sounding dream and find out how he uses a combination of DEVIL-LOC, PAN MAN, and FILTER FREAK to create a preset that will make you question if you’ll ever need another plugin again.

Features 30 Custom Presets Sound Design by Al Hug

Requires: Effect Rack by Soundtoys