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Mick Schultz - Paragon Vocals Vol. 2
Mick Schultz - Paragon Vocals Vol. 2

Mick Schultz - Paragon Vocals Vol. 2

The Paragon Vocals series are one of a kind collections of vocal loops, one shots, harmonies, adlibs, and vocal textures.

In Vol. 2 no details were left behind. You’ll find everything from distorted shouts to filtered breathes that add texture to your production. Lo-fi soulful adlibs to sampled and chopped pop melodies ready to spark a new idea. Ambient singing drenched in reverb along side tight punchy chants that will ignite energy in any song. This pack has no genre and cannot be put in a box. Pushing sonic boundaries giving you those rare and unique textures. These vocals are drag and drop ready. Put your ears onto something new and enjoy Paragon Vocals Vol. 2

Sample Pack Features:

  • 240+ NEW UNHEARD sounds made by Multi-Platinum Producer Mick Schultz in 24bit/44.1 WAV format
  • Vocal Loops, Vocal One-Shots, Vocal Adlib's & Harmonies, Vocal Textures
  • Compatible with ALL DAWS (FL Studio, Reason, Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, etc.)
  • Each sound has been meticulously mastered for easy and quick use in your productions.
  • BPM and tempo labeled where necessary.
  • Processed using analog gear (Neve, API, Manley, Avalon, John Hardy, Tube Tech, Distressors)
  • Recorded with various high-end and vintage microphones such as Sony C800g, Wunder CM7, Blue Kiwi, Sure SM7b, Placid Audio Mic’s, Wasaphone Mic's, AKG 414's.

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Mick Schultz Sample Clearance Agreement

The Vocal Loops in the Vocal Loops Folder are NOT royalty free. Vocal One Shots are Royalty Free

By using Paragon Vocals Vol. 2 you agree to the following:

I. Minor Releases
You may use the Sample for Recordings on your own personal projects (independent releases, beat tapes, mixtapes, etc.) that are not distributed
and/or released via a “Major Label” (i.e. Sony, UMG, WMG, etc.), their subsidiaries (i.e. Interscope, Def Jam, Epic, Capitol, etc.), or a “Large Indie Label” (i.e. Alamo, Empire, 300, XL, etc.) at no additional cost; provided that any Minor Release does not exceed one million streams on a DSP. Any Recording that exceeds one million streams on a DSP shall be considered a Major Release and shall be subject to the terms for Major Releases.

II. Major Releases
For Recordings to be distributed and/or released via a Major Label, or a subsidiary of a Major Label, or a Large Indie Label, or any Minor Release that exceeds one million streams on a DSP; you are required to do the following.

1. Contact the Composer(s) promptly via the email(s) listed below to request clearance of a sample on a Major Release.

2. Come to an agreement on split of any Advances, Publishing, Royalties,
and any other relatable fees.
3. Provide the Composer(s) with a Co-Production Credit wherever the metadata is applicable as well as on the liner notes of any singles or albums.

Contact: or @mickschultz on Instagram.