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MSXII Sound Design - Sir Magic Jonezy Hooks Vocal Sample Pack

MSXII Sound Design - Sir Magic Jonezy Hooks Vocal Sample Pack

MSXII Sound Design is proud to present Sir Magic Jonezy Hooks! In collaboration with our long time pal, Tone Jonez, we've created a vocal samples masterpiece. 56 total ideas ranging from full hooks, harmonious phrases, vocal chants, melodic one-liners and much more! This pack is extremely colorful and ready for chopping and use within your production!

Built with great, high end microphone and preamp recording chains such as the Neumann U87AI, Manley Reference Cardioid, Shure Sm57, and the fun Yamaha VSS-30 Sampler. Then treated and processed with the Great River ME-1NV, Avalon M5 pres, Warm Audio WA76 compressor, and then finally hitting the Apogee AD16x converter. These vocals are sure to bring out colors, textures, and tones your music hasn't heard. You'll want to chop these, or use as is with BPM labeled for easy drag & drop manipulation! Cop the first installment of the Sir Magic Jonezy Hooks and win! Champs only!

Kit Features:

  • 56 original vocal hooks, phrases, melodic chants, harmonies and more in 24 bit .wav format
  • Files labeled by BPM for easy manipulation with in your music production
  • Analog recording chains with high end pre' such as the Neumann U87AI, Avalon M5, Warm Audio WA76 and more for the highest quality in sound detail
  • Chop, flip, use as is, and get creative! These ideas are meant for inspiration
  • Expertly mixed with headroom ready to work immediately in your production
  • Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, & iOS devices/apps that accept .wav format

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