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UNKWN Sounds - Jordan Fox Vol. 1 (One-Shots)

$49.99 $25.00
UNKWN Sounds - Jordan Fox Vol. 1 (One-Shots)

UNKWN Sounds - Jordan Fox Vol. 1 (One-Shots)

This Sample Pack is Royalty Free


UNKWN Sounds is proud to have teamed up with Murda Gang’s very own Jordan Fox. Jordan Fox is a talented sample composer and producer who works hand in hand w/ Murda Beatz and has made bangers for the Migos, etc..


Jordan Fox Vol. 1 (One-Shot Kit) is an one-shots bank. This pack contains 500+ analogue one-shots that capture the true essence and beauty of classic synthesizers. Simply drag, drop, and play away. Jordan Fox designed and produced each one-shot straight off his private synthesizer collection from the Juno 106, Korg M1, OB6, OP1, Moog Grandmother, DX7, Prophet 6, Minimoog, etc.. to name a few. 


952MB Zipped


This pack is the same as Jordan Fox - SYNTHESIS One Shots


$49.99 $25.00
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