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The Rucker Collective 007: Timelapse

The Rucker Collective 007: Timelapse
The Rucker Collective

The Rucker Collective 007: Timelapse

100% Original. Nothing Recycled.


The Rucker Collective is a library collection by producer, Motif Alumni and family. The seventh volume "Timelapse" consists of 14 samples. A step into the future. Time never stops, only moves forward. Traveling at the speed of light is the limit in the physical world but in our dreams, the speed of thought transcends all. 


Utilizing anything that is handed to him, these collections are made with vintage instruments ranging from Rhodes Mark II, ARP Odyssey, Moog keyboards, Crumar Performer, Guitars, Drums, etc. Everything is authentically made to give you that feel like you are pulling a classic gem out of your wall except you don't have to worry about getting it cleared!


Motif's work has gotten him credits with the likes of: Snoop Dogg, Dave East, The Lox, Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, Westside Gunn & DITC. 


This pack has 14 compositions all BPM labeled and can be purchased in either composition format or compositions and stem format.


This is a digital download. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1k). 


Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the License Here

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The Rucker Collective 007: Timelapse

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