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The Drum Broker Site Sampler 2.0

A hand picked collection of One-Shot Drum Samples, Breaks, and FX

The Drum Broker Site Sampler 2.0 is collection of original hand picked one-shot drums, samples, & drum breaks from our most compelling drum kit and one-shot releases.

With an emphasis on original drum breaks and one-shots from our favorite producers, drummers, & sound designers.

Demo Produced by Damon Flores using Drums exclusively from The Site Sampler & The Drum Broker Catalog

The Site Sampler 2.0 features 600+ Original Drum Breaks, One-Shots, & Samples from:

Beat Butcha, Bizkel, The Crate League, J-Zone, MSXII, Jeremy Page, Minta Foundry, Oasis Music Library, Paragon Kits, Shroom, Streetlight Society, Tamuz, The44thfloor, Agent-X, V Don, Square One Music Library, The Rucker Collective, Hijo De Ramon Music Library, Tane, Marco Polo, V Don