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Tane - Sampler

Tane - Sampler


Dive into a curated selection of the finest sounds from Tane's entire catalog. This sampler features a top-notch array of drum breaks, one-shots, and captivating compositions.

Sample Pack Features

  • 40 Royalty free hard hitting drum breaks and loops
  • 60 Punchy drum one shots
  • 8 Exclusive compositions
  • 50 Melodic samples

This sampler gives you a preview of what Tane's packs have to offer. Your sampler and drum machine will thank you!

Explore the Entire Tane Sample Pack Collection

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These One-Shots & Drum Breaks are Royalty Free

You may not sublicense, sell, loan, share, lend, broadcast, rent, lease, assign, distribute, or transfer any Sample to a third party except as incorporated into a Recording

Compositions adhere to the following terms:

Thank you for purchasing this sample library from Sauce Lab Audio. Please refer to this document for the full license, legal terms, and further details. By downloading and using these samples, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.

What am I able to do with these samples?

You have purchased a non-exclusive license to utilize the samples in your original sound recordings and musical compositions. Here’s what you can do:

Independent Releases: You can sell beats created using these samples independently without needing to clear the samples. This includes uploading finished beats to platforms like Beatstars, YouTube, and SoundCloud, and keeping 100% of the profits from such releases.

Public Performance and Distribution: You can publicly perform, reproduce, distribute, and sell your new works containing the samples, including physical copies, digital downloads, and streaming, up to 10 million streams for independent releases.

At what point would I need to clear a sample with the sample creator?

Royalty-Free Samples: Drum loop samples and one-shot samples in this pack are royalty-free.

Major Releases: Clearance is required for compositions used in major label releases or large independent releases where streams exceed ten million. This involves splitting producer royalties and publishing with the sample creator, as well as providing co-production credit and producer fees, typically handled by the releasing label.

What splits can I expect on a major label clearance?

For transparency, here are the royalty splits and terms for sample usage in major label releases:

Samples under 10 seconds:
10% publisher's share
0.5% producer royalty

Samples between 10 and 30 seconds:
15% publisher's share
0.75% producer royalty

Samples over 30 seconds:
25% publisher's share
1.5% producer royalty

For sample clearance, please email:
Terms and Conditions

License Granted:

Scope: Incorporate the Sample into your new work, perform publicly, reproduce, distribute, and sell the new work within the defined limits.

Fee: An upfront, non-refundable fee of $29.99 for the license, payable via PayPal or another agreed method. No additional fees for use within the scope of the license.


Non-Transferable: The license cannot be transferred to any third party, including record labels or distributors. A separate agreement is required for third-party transfers, covering co-producer credit, producer advance, and additional compensation.

Copyright Ownership:

Retention: The creator retains 100% ownership of the copyrights in the sample, including the sound recording and underlying composition, throughout the term of the license.

Warranties and Indemnification:

You agree to indemnify Sauce Lab Audio and its affiliates against any damages, costs, or fees arising from breaches of this agreement or the use of the sample in your new work.

The license term continues until you exceed the sales/streams limit or breach the agreement. Upon termination, all rights revert, and you must cease using the sample.

Commercial Audiovisual Works:
Separate sync and master use licenses are required for commercial audiovisual works, such as TV, film, or advertising, negotiated in good faith.

By following these terms, you ensure compliance with the licensing agreement and maximize the value of the samples in your music production. For any questions or further assistance, please contact Sauce Lab Audio at