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Streetlight Society - Basement Breaks

Streetlight Society - Basement Breaks


As music producers, we all have our own caves, sanctuaries of sound, and sacred places of creation. For us, the basement represents that playful refuge where the outer world ceases to exist, and we can hone our craft in the most authentic and honest way possible. Basement Breaks echoes that vibe. It is a collection of 8 bar acoustic drum breaks and one shots all played on a full drum set live. The breaks capture the humanistic feel that goes beyond the confines of a grid, and we added some interesting sounds including a cajon, congas/bongos, and a custom made “hi hat clap stack”. Neve 5052 preamps, eq’s, and other analogue compressors, reverbs and gear give the samples a warm, nuanced timbre. Mic’ing up the drum set with a variety of room mics, overheads, and a floor mic allowed us to create a really wide and expanding sonic landscape. Overall, this pack will complement your production arsenal with a diversity of uniquely wide, warm, and innovative acoustic drum samples. Samples for the People! Enjoy!


  • 130 ROYALTY FREE Drum Sounds and Breaks
  • 40, 8-bar Drum Breaks
  • 24 Kicks

  • 22 Snares
  • 22 Percs, Claps, Ride, Toms
  • 11 Hats

  • 11 Drum Fills

Available in 16 bit 44.1kHz Stereo WAV format and 24 bit 48kHz Stereo WAV format

Only the drum sounds in the demo video are included in the drum pack

Compatible with any DAW or sampler 

Full drum set recorded live with a humanistic groove

Some loops are great for drag/drop while others are ready to be chopped up/sampled

Mixed for a live acoustic feel and recorded with analogue gear

All loops are bpm and tempo labeled

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These Samples are Royalty Free

You may not sublicense, sell, loan, share, lend, broadcast, rent, lease, assign, distribute, or transfer any Sample to a third party except as incorporated into a Recording