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Streetlight Society - Apple Bottom Drums

Streetlight Society - Apple Bottom Drums


When the apple of your eye turns rotten, there is an edginess that comes to the surface. Apple Bottom Drums embraces that edginess with airy room tones, booming kick drums, and in the pocket grooves. It is comprised of 8 bar acoustic drum breaks, one shots, and samples played on a full live drum set for a humanistic vibe. We recorded these drums in a large Milwaukee art gallery with high ceilings and open rooms, and placed room mics all over over including the stairwell. This allowed us to create some really irreplaceable reverbs and timbres to blend with the drums while mixing. The nuances of the room sent the rotten apples flying and provided something fresh, new, and experimental. If you are looking for something different to add to your drum arsenal, these are for you!

 119 ROYALTY FREE Drum Sounds, Breaks, and Samples

  • 4 Sample Loops
  • 38, 8-bar Drum Breaks
  • 27 Kicks
  • 22 Snares
  • 17 Percs
  • 11 Hats

Available in 16 bit 44.1kHz Stereo WAV format


  • Sample Loops heard in the demo video are included in the pack along with the drum sounds

  • Compatible with any DAW or sampler
  • Full drum set recorded live with a humanistic groove
  • Some loops are great for drag/drop while others are ready to be chopped up/sampled

  • Recorded in a Milwaukee at gallery with a big room sound and unique reverb
  • All loops are bpm and tempo labeled

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These Samples are Royalty Free

You may not sublicense, sell, loan, share, lend, broadcast, rent, lease, assign, distribute, or transfer any Sample to a third party except as incorporated into a Recording