Smuggled Audio - Smuggled Keys Vol. 1

Smuggled Audio

Smuggled Keys Vol. 1

Smuggled Keys Vol. 1 is the first release from Dj Rybe’s “Smuggled Audio” sample library. This release contains some of the grimiest, most sinister compositions you’ll ever hear!. Inspired by the sounds of 80’s Horror/Synth Soundtracks, late 60’s Psychedelic Rock and producers like Sid Roams, Dj Muggs, Daringer & more. All samples were created using a mix of VST’s, Vintage hardware synthesizers and FX Pedals.

Gear Used: Moog Micromoog, Ensoniq SQ80, Bontempi Toy Organ, Fender Stratocaster, Precision Bass, Smallstone Phaser, Holy Grail Reverb and BOSS TR-2 Tremolo.

All compositions are BPM labeled and are available as Compositions and Compositions + Stems. Ready to use in WAV format for any DAW (Pro Tools, Logic etc) or Beatmaking software (Maschine, FlStudio, Ableton, etc)

All compositions are in 44.1k / 16 bit format.

Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the License Here