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Skyking - DRUMS 003

Skyking - DRUMS 003


Skyking presents an incredible selection of drum one-shots, loops, and breaks, each uniquely crafted for producers...

DRUMS 003. Recorded and processed by LEELEE and MLTZR through an SSL Matrix 2 using a variety of vintage and modern microphones, API preamps, hardware samplers, cassette and reel to reel tape machines & stompbox effects - DRUMS 003 delivers more unique breaks & loops, and one shots, for any producer looking to step up their drum game. All sounds 16 bit WAV 44.1 khz and compatible with any DAW or sampler.

Sample Pack Features 207 completely original drum recordings:

  • 106 Loops
  • 102 One-Shots (Kicks, Snares, Hats)

Skyking is a group of multi instrumentalists, artists, and friends working out of Portland, Oregon to provide quality and dynamic sounds to you, the people.

Available exclusively on The Drum Broker.

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All sounds in this drum pack are non-exclusive for most independent or small commercial releases. One-shot drum sounds are royalty-free

For major releases, master clearance will be necessary contact regarding sample clearance, royalties, credits, publishing, and advances.

Master Clearance Guaranteed


You may not sublicense, sell, loan, share, lend, broadcast, rent, lease, assign, distribute, or transfer any Sample to a third party except as incorporated into a new recording

All samples are intended only for the individual it was purchased by or intended for. Samples are not to be used as any kind of material for your sample packs and may not be re-sold re-packaged or re-transmitted.

Any unauthorized use, sampling and/or dissemination of the attached digital media will be deemed unlawful. Failure to retrieve written consent according to the license will result in immediate legal action against the person(s) responsible. *

That being said. Well never ask you to pay anything out of pocket after the purchase and download of a pack and we never require a split of beat sales. The only time royalties are applicable are

- Major label placements

- Large independent releases above 1 million streams or

- Large sync placements using one of our drum breaks/loops, fills, or melodic samples

If you’re planning to release a song under any of the above circumstances hit us up

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