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Rhythm Paints - The Rio De Janeiro Sessions: 005 Samba

Rhythm Paints - The Rio De Janeiro Sessions: 005 Samba

Within the vibrant soundscape of Rio De Janeiro, Macaco Branco has emerged as a leading maestro of Samba percussion, enchanting global audiences with his rhythmic mastery. At the helm of the illustrious Vila Isabel School of Samba, Branco's virtuosity has been instrumental in reshaping the sonic landscape, both in Brazil and beyond.

Delve into this collection, a fusion of time-honored Samba instruments and contemporary production techniques crafted for the modern-day sonic architect. Witness the metamorphosis of brisk, propulsive snares and the resounding heartbeat of bass drums, as the essence of an entire drumming school is distilled and transformed.

Stay attuned for more auditory adventures from Rhythm Paints and the inimitable Macaco Branco, as they continue to color the world with their percussive prowess.

Sample Pack Features:

  • 149 Loops
  • 38 One-Shots
  • Royalty Free 

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