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Rhythm Paints - The Gambia Sessions: Multi Culture Vocals

Rhythm Paints - The Gambia Sessions: Multi Culture Vocals

Introducing Multi-Culture Vocals, featuring two talented male vocalists from Western Africa. Hailing from Guinea and The Gambia, these artists bring a rich blend of musical styles and languages to the table. They sing in Wolof, Mandenka, Susu, and English, showcasing their versatility and passion for West African music.

Meet Assane, a professional singer from Banjul, The Gambia. With a perfect pitch and a talent for singing in multiple languages, Assane is a versatile artist who works with a wide range of musicians and artists. He has been singing since his youth and continues to bring his love of music to every project he takes on.

Moussa Dioubate, a professional musician and vocalist from Conakry, Guinea, is equally talented. He has been playing instruments and singing since childhood and prefers to sing in his native language of Susu. With a lifetime of experience and a deep passion for music, Moussa brings a unique and unforgettable sound to Multi-Culture Vocals.

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