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Rhythm Paints - The Gambia Sessions: Kora Origins

Rhythm Paints - The Gambia Sessions: Kora Origins


Kora Origins is a musical piece created by two exceptional Kora players, Abdou Suso and Lemin Kanteh, both originally from The Gambia, West Africa. Each player brings their unique style and traditions to the piece, providing a diverse range of captivating phrases, fills, and melodic textures to add color to your tracks or inspire new compositions.

The Kora, which has 21 strings and is traditionally played with multiple fingers, originated from The Gambia. Its sound is characterized by its exceptional melodic ideas.

Explore this pack and experience how the Kora samples convey their own story.

Stay tuned for more releases from Rhythm Paints!

Sample Pack Features:

  • 161 Loops
  • 80 One-Shots
  • Royalty Free 

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These Samples are Royalty Free

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