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Rec Mode Vol. 1 - Original Breaks and Drum Sounds

Rec Mode Vol. 1 - Original Breaks and Drum Sounds

You need these breaks & drum samples! Rec Mode Vol. 1 -  Original Beats & Drum Sounds played by Salle De Jonge. Produced by DJ Optimus and DJ Mace

This first volume consists of more than 150 original and 100% Royalty Free breakbeats and sounds played by drummer Salle de Jonge (LeslieNielsen, Shirma Rouse, The Fresh Cuts). De Jonge used different drumkits, various mics and pre-amps to record his venomous drumplay. All tracks were recorded analogue and pre-mixed by Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound) through a classic Studer mixing board.

The result is a hefty selection of thick sounding beats, dusty breaks and drum-sounds. There’s something for every producer who likes to cut, paste and chop: off-grid beats, classic breaks, funky grooves, loud bass kicks, snappy snares.

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