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Pelham & Junior - Synthscapes Loop Pack

Pelham & Junior - Synthscapes Loop Pack
Pelham & Junior

Pelham & Junior - Synthscapes Loop Pack

This Sample Pack is Royalty Free


Synthesizers have been a big part of music ever since the 1970s and remain to be a huge part of modern music today. From Hip-Hop to Electronic to R&B (and more), synths can add a new layer of feeling to music production or to a fully produced song. With our new Loop Pack series, Synthscapes, we wanted to provide an array of mini compositions for you to use to layer in and/or chop up and loop in your next music production project. This loop pack is full of synth leads, bells, pads, bass and more.


This pack contains 17 compositions along with their stems, with over 75 files. All of them can be chopped and replayed or dragged and dropped right into your DAW. Samples are key and BPM labeled.


This is a digital download. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1k)

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