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Oasis Music Library - Retro FX

Oasis Music Library - Retro FX


Dive into the enchanting realm of Retro FX, a captivating sound effect library designed to add distinctive vintage vibes to your productions. This remarkable toolbox, crafted by Sam Aether and Niko Oroc, will set your projects apart and immerse your audience in the charm of yesteryear.

Retro FX boasts an expanded selection of 40+ vox, lasers, risers, sweeps, and miscellaneous SFX, all meticulously designed to exude a unique retro allure. The collaboration between Aether and Oroc results in a diverse and mesmerizing sonic palette that pays homage to the golden age of analog synthesis.

Unleash the irresistible charm of Retro FX in your productions and let the unforgettable sounds of the past transport your creative vision to exciting new heights.

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