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MSXII Sound Design - The Most Foulest 808's

MSXII Sound Design - The Most Foulest 808's

That MSXII monster is back...this time in the meanest, most FOULEST version of our Foul 808 series! The Most Foulest 808s is a continuation of our acclaimed Foul 808s series that some of you missed out on (now only in our Classic Era Bundle). By high demand, we've decided to rethink this series and bring it back even bigger and better!

Imagine loop based, one-shot, subharmanic tones that are designed to be the focal point of your music. This is what the Most Foulest 808s are designed for. These are not complimentary...These want ALL the attention of your record to be built around them. You'll instantly hear songs when going through our patches. You'll instantly be inspired. This is why we feel these are the MOST FOULEST. They're game changing.

Kit Features:

  • 40 brand new original, analog MSXII sub tones, kicks, toms, and low frequency .wav forms in 16 bit .wav format
  • Built from analog and characterized by MSXII colorization chains
  • Our most Foulest version yet! Built to HOG attention in your record and set you apart
  • Mixed with headroom, yet optimally ready for immediacy in your music production
  • Organized by one-shot or looped based
  • Compatible with all DAWs & Samplers, & iOS devices/apps that accept .wav format

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