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MSXII Sound Design - The Fret Library

MSXII Sound Design - The Fret Library

The Fret Library is a P Bass & Acoustic guitar compositional pack processed with the nicest of textures to allow for intricate sampling & beat making. Sprinkled with full length compositions, the nuances of each string, each slide, & each bend in The Fret Library will inspire you to chop these samples into masterpieces. 


There are 25 long-form compositions in the pack & a total of 131 loops that can be used if purchased with stems. Both the acoustic guitar & P Bass parts have been stemmed out! All loops are labeled by their various keys & tempos.


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These Samples are Royalty Free

You may not sub-license, sell, loan, share, lend, broadcast, rent, lease, assign, distribute, or transfer any Sample to a third party except as incorporated into a Recording