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MSXII Sound Design - Schlump Shots Vol. 6

MSXII Sound Design - Schlump Shots Vol. 6

MSXII is proud to present Schlump Shots 6! The saga continues with the incredible one-shots cut from live, authentic drum breaks we've recorded with that acclaimed MSXII processing. Back out the kitchen with only the freshest of ingredients to cook up with! You'll find kicks, snares, layered percussion, off-time induced hits, and other unique drum elements that lend to "swing" in your beats. Choose MSXII--the most trusted name in sound design.


Kit Features:

  • 50 all new, original Schlump one shots in 16 bit .wav format
  • Originated from our live drum recordings--never rehashed, always new.
  • Expertly crafted and mixed with punch, texture, and character
  • Authentically unique and characterized by the sound design pros of MSXII
  • Cut to work within any musical situation--hiphop, pop, dance, trap, etc. (-3db avg) of headroom with top notch mixing quality. Optimally spaced to sit right in your music immediately.
  • Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, and iOS devices/apps that accept .wav format

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