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MSXII Sound Design - Schlump Loops Vol. 4

MSXII Sound Design - Schlump Loops Vol. 4

MSXII Sound Design is extremely proud to present Schlump Loops 4! A brand new collection drums & loops from the Schlump, creatively processed and banging! Analog Heat! Always looking to out-do the previous, Schlump Loops 4 is COLD BLOODED!

These stand out from the pack as they were each catered for a specific sound, tone, and texture. We invite you to explore these textures with rhodes, analog synths, and live bass. Create new, beautiful music with these as your base! Using the loops as-is is ok...but the really distinctiveness in the Schlump Loops series is finding the uniquely characterized one-shots. Your favorite chopping program such as Maschine or Serato Sample will make this process mad easy for you!

Kit Features:

  • 40 original, uniquely textured drum loops in 32 bit .wav format
  • Numerous tempos, tons of textures, vibes, character, and originality
  • Mixed ready to go. Levels set under 0 Db to allow for max idea building, minimal gain staging
  • Loops labeled with bpm for easy file management
  • Chop new one-shots, find new grooves, build more distinct loops by mix & matching
  • Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, and iOS apps that accept .wav files

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