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MSXII Sound Design Sampler Pack Vol. 3

MSXII Sound Design Sampler Pack Vol. 3

The MSXII Sound Design Sampler Pack 3 contains a variety of original samples, melodic loops, one-shot drums, & some Ableton presets to get you familiar with some of our latest drops! Intended to give you an idea of what to expect when purchasing from MSXII Sound Design, The Sampler Pack brings an eclectic taste of what we have to offer. If you're new to us here, this is perfect for you...get familiar and up to speed quickly! If you've been with us a while, you'll find some obscure stuff in here that maybe you missed from certain kits & projects!


Either way, at $9.99 this is a win! Pack contains the artwork each sound is part of.

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These Samples are Royalty Free

You may not sub-license, sell, loan, share, lend, broadcast, rent, lease, assign, distribute, or transfer any Sample to a third party except as incorporated into a Recording