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MSXII Sound Design - Retro Drums Vol. 1

MSXII Sound Design - Retro Drums Vol. 1

MSXII proudly presents Retro Drums Vol.1! Drums straight out of those Prince vibes! We've meticulously sampled actual vintage drum machines such as the 707, 808, Linn Drum 1, and the Oberheim DX to bring you this collection! However, there is a catch...we took it a step further and processed them uniquely true to that MSXII sound that you love. 


Painstakingly resampled with analog gear, the ASR-10 and Mirage from Ensoniq, lo-fi coloring, lush delays, easy reverbs, and crunch compression to give you the best retro drum collection you've never had! THEN, we provided the sample pre-mapped in Maschine & Ableton formats! This kit is quite simply AMAZING. Peep the specs, hear the demo, & cop Retro Drums Vol. 1 from MSXII Sound Design. Be blessed!


Kit Features:

  • 64 authentic, vintage drums in 16 bit .wav format
  • Drum Machines include TR707, TR808, Oberheim DX, and Linn Drum LMI
  • Recording chain: Lynx Aurora 8 -> Direct in for high-quality A/D conversion
  • Further processed by MSXII techniques (lofi, crunchy, fouled out, pushed levels etc)
  • Samples labeled by drum machine and also formatted into Ableton & Maschine Drum Groups for easy plug & play
  • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers accepting .wav format

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