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MSXII Sound Design - Lo-Fly Drums Vol. 1

MSXII Sound Design - Lo-Fly Drums Vol. 1

Back with a brand new series of INCREDIBLE drums, the MSXII Lo-Fly Drums Vol.1 clocks in tastefully inspired by the stylistics of the lofi culture with a hint of Flying Lotus influence. You will feel these drums, crafted from live kits & drum synths alike, begging for swing, groove, and off-the-grid rhythms. 

We've taken these a step further once again and carefully built these around our Lofi Melodics 3 series...meaning that for each of the textures in that pack, we have a set of drum textures to match. We then mixed all of these up to make a completely new, and out the box kit. Always forward thinking and aiming to advance our culture, MSXII Sound Design truly puts heart into each and every creation. Be a pro. Be a champ. Be a winner. Purchase Lo-Fly Drums Vol. 1!

Kit Features:

  • 45 brand new, original MSXII drum one-shots in 16 bit .wav format
  • Created with the forward thinking producer in mind. This is for the innovative
  • Pairs nicely with Lofi Melodics 3 (as shown in our demo)
  • Easy file management with labled folders of Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percs, Xtra
  • Inspired by the Lofi subculture, tastefully textured with that MSXII Sound. 
  • Compatible with all DAWS, samplers, & iOS apps

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