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MSXII Sound Design - Cassettes & Pedals Vol. 2

MSXII Sound Design - Cassettes & Pedals Vol. 2

This Sample Pack is Royalty Free


MSXII Sound Design is excited to drop volume 2 of the concept series, Cassettes & Pedals! Vol. 2 of this experimental sample pack remains unlike anything we've done--being that these loops are composed for those really needing new tones & textures for sampling w/o the standardized tempo & key based stuff we're used to hearing.


We explored our vintage synths, guitars, vocals, outboard FX, pedals, and most importantly the nuances of cassette tape. Driving lush reverbs & delays in musical context to the Tascam Portastudio 4 track cassette recorder yields some interesting results!


28 compositions grace this sample pack. All completely royalty-free per our Blue Label release content. 568 MB download before zip. Be different & break away from the norm. Cop C&P Vol. 1 if you've missed it! Stay ahead with MSXII Sound Design.


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