MSXII Audio Presents - The Sammich Kit Vol. 6 (Digital Download)

MSXII Audio Presents - The Sammich Kit Vol. 6 (Digital Download)

The Sammich Kit Vol. 6.  The end of an era of legit, classic, non- recycled drum samples. MSXII is pleased to bring this series to a close with the best one yet.  And yet again, the kit remains true to it's predecessors; fresh sounds, no fluff, no bulls**t!  Everything is usable, everything is unique, everything is carefully calculated.  We've provided some of the most detailed and crafted drums in the game and the Sammich Kit 6, more than any other kit, continues this MSXII tradition.  So for the finale, we've also gone an extra step for you and provided the kit in multiple formats along with the usual .wav files: Maschine, Ableton Live, and Akai MPC.  If this is your first introduction to the Sammich Kit series, you're in for a treat.  Go grab the others to complete the series!  If you are prior supporter of any previous version, be sure to grab this's the best yet.  Be a winner.  Choose MSXII. Purchase the Sammich Kit 6.  

Kit Features:

  • 53 sounds in 16 bit .wav format
  • Classic "Sammich" style layering for unique textures and characteristics on drums, bass, percussion, cymbals, vox, and more
  • No fluff, no filler sounds, EVERYTHING is usable
  • EQ'd and mixed to taste--tweaked for immediate use
  • Includes additional format options: Maschine (drum groups), Ableton Live (live pack), and Akai MPC (.snd files)
  • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers that accept .wav format

 Jam the demo!  Produced by @Lonestarrmuzik and @DSteeleMusic

$24.99 USD