MSXII Sound Design - Drums Out The SP404 Vol. 1

MSXII Sound Design

Drums out the SP404 Vol. 1 is a lo-fi beatmaker's dream come true! This phenomenally dope collection of live drums has been recorded through analog preamps such as Neve & API, chopped & diced to perfection, & then expertly textured with the SP404 for even more character! These drums sit well in ANY musical context. If you're a fan of lofi music, these are especially for you! Drums out the SP404 Vol. 1 features tons of kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, percussion, drum loops & break, & more. Built for the producer needing to level up immediately! Cop now like a champ & stay with the most trusted brand in sample packs & sound design, MSXII.

Kit Features:
  • 55 all original, live, MSXII drums built for winners in .wav format
  • All dopeness. No fluff, no filler sounds. Everything is unique & useable
  • Drum recordings tracked with Neve & API 500 series analog hardware
  • Expertly sampled, resampled, & processed with max texture & character with the famed SP404.
  • A lofi lover's dream!
  • Compatible with any DAW, sampler, iOS app, device that accepts .wav format

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