MSXII Sound Design - Analog Textures: The Sweeps, Arps, and Transition FX

MSXII Sound Design

MSXII Sound Design is proud to release Analog Textures: The Sweeps, Arps, and Transition FX kit for your music production! These are one-shot, transition styled FX designed for you to sprinkle throughout your production for added flavor! We've built these on Moogs (Sub 37, Grandmother), Gakken synth, Brutes, Roland Juno 106, and more that you know from our labs.  

As a bonus, the samples have been mapped in both Maschine and Ableton format (groups and drum racks).  Choke groups have been set for cut off so these can easily be recalled in a current session needing transition flavor.  Cop these Analog Textures and add that sauce to your work!

Kit Features:

  • 50 Analog sweep, whirls, arps, drops, and transition FX from Moog, Roland, Brute, and Gakken analog synthesizers in .wav format
  • Folders organized by "All Samples" and Ableton & Maschine Format
  • Maschine [2.7.9+] and Ableton [Live 10] kit groups formatting for easy recalling 
  • Saturated through Moog filters, analog delays, and other hardware emulation plugins
  • You can use these with any DAW, sampler, and mobile device

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