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Minta Foundry - Al Hug Flutes Pack Vol. 1

Minta Foundry - Al Hug Flutes Pack Vol. 1

Are you tired of that same old Omnisphere or Mellotron flute patch? No worries, we got you covered. With this pack you'll have plenty of creative options to build your flute samples and beats. Al Hug Flutes Pack – Volume 1 is a collection of 30 flute chops, 10 flute loops and 9 long flute notes. Use the chops to spice up your melodies, the loops as starting points for your beats and the long notes to build your own sampler instruments. All sounds were recorded with real instruments: Classical Flute, Bamboo Flute & Stone Flute. Everything performed by Al Hug and captured with a custom SUTER tube mic and NEVE preamps. 

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