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!llmind - Fire Drum Loops

!llmind - Fire Drum Loops

"ARE YOU TIRED OF PROGRAMMING THE SAME OLD DRUM LOOPS? You know what I'm talking about. We've all been stuck in a creative drum pattern rut. We have our go-to drum patterns that we seem to use in almost every beat we make. It can get repetitive. I wanted to create a solution for this problem. I'm so proud to present to you (for the first time EVER) my special 'FIRE DRUM LOOPS' pack. Straight to the point, no frills. 50 drum patterns with various tempo, texture, bounce, and rhythm. Loop them. Chop them up. EQ and layer them. Use them as inspiration. These are literally plug and play. Trap, R&B, house, boom bap and everything in between. Easily one of my favorite packs to date. I had so much fun making these and I hope they inspire you to create some FIRE!!!!" - !llmind

  • 50 NEW drum loops (BPM LABELED) with various textures¬†in 16-bit/44 WAV format.
  • Compatible with ALL DAW systems (Logic, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Protools, etc)
  • Vintage Reverb Machines Used: AMS RMX16, L480 & Baldwin Amp.
  • All drum sounds were sampled into an Ensoniq¬†ASR-10¬†AND Akai¬†S-20¬†at 33khz/12-bit for maximum¬†warmth¬†+¬†punch!
  • All drum sounds carefully multi-layered & molded by !llmind to create truly, never before heard drums. Guaranteed.
  • NO saturation/flat ‚Äúpancake‚ÄĚ sounds.
  • Carefully mastered just ‚Äúunder-zero‚ÄĚ. NO nasty ‚Äúdigital-clipping‚ÄĚ.
  • All drum sounds were hand-picked, created, and stripped by¬†!llmind himself from his personal drum stash.
  • ALL sounds are completely royalty-free!

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