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Kingsway Music Library - Vinnyx Vol. 1

Kingsway Music Library - Vinnyx Vol. 1
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Kingsway Music Library is proud to present Vinnyx Vol. 1

This library features 13 original samples from Vinnyx. The samples take you through an experience as Vinnyx captures the essence of the Kingsway sound while showing his true ability to captivate the ear with his fresh melodies. Featured on the new collection are Waves, Ill-e, and CVRE, all of which have released previous libraries and are extremely unique in their own respect.

The sound textures in this collection of samples are crisp and refreshing all while conveying moments of climactic chord progressions meshed with melodic mellow segments.

Stems for Sample #6 ('Mood') are not available in the stems package

This Sample Pack may require Master Clearance. Read The License Here