Kingsway Music Library - SLMN Vol. 2

Kingsway Music Library

S.L.M.N Vol. 2

SLMN is back! Since his first Kingsway volume two years ago, Toronto’s SLMN has been putting in work, releasing his fantastic Late Bloomer EP in 2020 and producing tracks by Black Atlass, Anders and on the Juno Nominated album Elements Vol 1 by Tobi.

Here on his second volume for Kingsway SLMN displays his expert abilities to set a variety of moods no matter what instrument he wields - guitars, keys, bass and synths weave in the background, with rich and emotive melodies taking the lead, carrying the listener through each musical pathway. SLMN’s first volume established him as a smooth and charismatic creator, and this latest offering further highlights his skills as an arranger and composer.

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