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Kingsway Music Library - Parkscapes by Frank Dukes

Kingsway Music Library - Parkscapes by Frank Dukes
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The Drum Broker is donating 100% of their sales commission to this charity

“Parkscapes” isn’t like any other Kingsway Music Library. In fact, it isn’t like any music library in history. It’s the first to donate the majority of sales, licenses and royalties towards inspiring kids through music education. Every time you sample it, you support the Regent Park School of Music. Composed by Frank Dukes and performed by RPSM students, Parkscapes was recorded over 3 days in Toronto using everything from harps, steel pan, organ and even the kids’ voices. Thank you to the staff and students at RPSM for the chance to collaborate. And shout out to Regent’s own Mustafa the Poet for the track titles. Samples have always been used to create songs. We hope you’ll use these ones to create change.

Features 11 Completely Original Samples composed by Frank Dukes

This Sample Pack may require Master Clearance. Read The License Here