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Kingsway Music Library - NAHUM Vol. 2

Kingsway Music Library - NAHUM Vol. 2
Kingsway Music Library

Kingsway Music Library - NAHUM Vol. 2

With his second volume for the Kingsway Music Library Nahum creates and shapes worlds the human ear has yet to venture. He finds melodies buried in noise and drags them to the forefront, and can lay down textures from any instrument and source.


Using a selection of synths, keys, harps, guitar, bass, whistles, voices and many other odds and ends, Nahum’s approach is sophisticated and methodical. Each sample has enough movement and colour to stand on its own but enough space to be moulded a myriad of ways. As the boundaries of the library expand, expect Nahum to consistently be at the forefront.


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NAHUM Vol. 2

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