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Kingsway Music Library - MINO Vol. 2

Kingsway Music Library - MINO Vol. 2
Kingsway Music Library

Kingsway Music Library - MINO Vol. 2

Mino’s second volume for the Kingsway Music Library is a further exploration of his great ability to create music that resonates at a deeper level. Hypnotic at times, he shows excellent skills in layering sounds and melodic textures that come together to deliver a fresh sonic perspective on every single track. Mino delivers a highly original new sample pack that opens the door for endless possibilities.


Instruments like vibes, keys, synths, voices shine through, manipulated and driven through effects that blur the lines between somber music and progressive sounds. As usual for Mino, the production is pristine and these pieces are sure to resonate with creators who take a warm, more emotional approach to their music - reaching into the ears and the heart.


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Mino Vol. 2

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