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Kingsway Music Library - ill.e Vol. 3

Kingsway Music Library - ill.e Vol. 3
Kingsway Music Library

Kingsway Music Library - ill.e Vol. 3

Ill.e’s third volume is new territory for the Toronto-based producer, a longtime fan of electronica, EDM and house music, this volume interprets and deconstructs the sounds and textures found buried under the dance rhythms, and brings them to the forefront.


These relatively major key samples are a pivot from the darker territory he’s previously explored, and the instrumentation is speckled with woodwind instruments, strings, keys and synths. Sparse, uplifting melodies blend nicely with Ill.e’s impeccable taste for texture. He is constantly growing and evolving his sounds and approach, and his new volume is an exciting new direction from one of Kingsway’s best.

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ill.e Vol. 3

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