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Kingsway Music Library - Horizon (Vinnyx & Adriano)

Kingsway Music Library - Horizon (Vinnyx & Adriano)
Kingsway Music Library

Kingsway Music Library - Horizon (Vinnyx & Adriano)

This week’s release is something that’s been in the works for a while - a collaboration called “Horizons” between two platinum producers: Kingsway Music Library veteran VinnyX and newcomer Adriano!


VinnyX is no stranger to the Kingsway Music Library, having release two stellar volumes over the last two years. Adriano has had a standout year in 2019, producing the smash hit “It’s You” by Ali Gatie which was certified Platinum and has amassed over 600 million streams to date.


Together on “Horizons” they blend Adriano’s tasteful and melodic guitar playing with VinnyX’s knack for textures and vibe, crafting a unique set of samples. The tempos are a bit slower and the tone more subdued, but the craftsmanship shines bright on each track, with lots of room for creators to play with.

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