Kingsway Music Library - Aaron Paris Vol. 1

Kingsway Music Library

Aaron Paris Vol. 1

Our latest volume was performed and produced by Toronto multi-instrumentalist and producer Aaron Paris. He’s built a strong reputation as a collaborator and composer, working with Toronto’s budding artists like Adria Kain and Sean Leon, and recently getting credits with Latto and Shelley FKA DRAM. His unique approach and keen musical sense has also brought him a following on instagram, where his short musical pieces are often shared and sampled.

This volume was composed over the recent months and feature’s Aaron’s incredible technical abilities as an instrumentalist on a variety of moods and sounds. While strings feature heavily in a myriad of ways, there’s no shortage of keys, guitars, vocals and synthesizers to elevate the character of each track. With some great projects on the way for Aaron Paris, this volume is just a part of what will be a banner year for him.

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