Drumetrics - DRB-ADB 001

Drumetrics - DRB-ADB 001

The Drum Broker teamed up with Drumetrics to bring you the digital version of their DRB-ADB 001 release. This is a gold mine for producers looking for the dopest analog drums and break beats to chop up, loop, and manipulate.

Drumetrics is a collective of artist that produces sounds that can be categorized as a harmonious blend of electronic, psychedelic, funk music inspired by the minimal sound of Library Records from the 1960’s.

Drumetrics Collective’s, DRB-ADB:

DRB- Danny Ray Barragan : Drummer 

ADB- Andrew David Barragan : Bass/Multi-Instrumentalist

DRB-ADB are the Drumetrics Collective back bone.  The Drum & Bass dynamic duo produced a *Live* one take EP.  This is a producers sampling dream of heavy warm drum & bass chops.  From Deep Funk to Cinematic Down Tempo.  

All Engineered and Co Produced by: MRR- Michael Raymond Russell

*Utilizing 1960's vintage gear to capture the heavy analogue warmth*

(P) + (C) drumetrics 2017

Peep the lo-fi sampler:

$29.99 USD