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Deep Fried Breaks Vol. 2

Deep Fried Breaks Vol. 2

Dotan 'Tane' Bergman returns from the studio kitchen with the highly anticipated sequel: 'Deep Fried Breaks Vol.2' - Your secret recipe for crafting the grittiest, dirtiest, and most authentic underground hip-hop boom bap beats.

Sample Pack Features:

🥁 120 Extra Crispy Drum Breaks: Recorded with vintage drum kits and an Akai 1730DSS tape machine, these royalty-free breaks are seared to perfection, delivering that unmistakable gritty sound.

🥁 100 Punchy Drum One Shots: The perfect toolkit for beatmakers to add some crispy, punchy goodness to your beats

🌶 120 FX and Melodic One shots: Spice up your beats with a mix of synth effects, atmospheric textures, haunting piano and rhodes sounds, and gritty guitar riffs, guaranteed to add depth and character to your tracks.

🔥 4 Exclusive Compositions: Tane is serving up a special delivery of 4 sizzling compositions infused with haunting melodies and dark, spacey textures. Prepare to elevate your production game to scorching levels. master clearance guaranteed.

🎛 Ready-to-Use: All samples are delivered in 24-bit WAV file format and are BPM-labeled for smooth and easy integration into your production workflow

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    These One-Shots & Drum Breaks are Royalty Free

    You may not sublicense, sell, loan, share, lend, broadcast, rent, lease, assign, distribute, or transfer any Sample to a third party except as incorporated into a Recording

    Compositions are Master Clearance Guarenteed

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