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British Music Library - Deep Crate Drum Breaks

British Music Library - Deep Crate Drum Breaks
British Music Library

British Music Library - Deep Crate Drum Breaks

These Drums are Royalty Free


The British Music Library is back again with another hefty batch of drum breaks. Utilizing all the right things.


Funky drummers, various vintage and modern kits in all sizes including some with genuine animal hide skins, new and old microphones of many kinds and a variety of preamps and dirt boxes (vintage british consoles, tube distortion, germanium preamp) for that grit and attitude we love from a crate dug drum break. Every single break was captured to 1/2 or 1/4" reel to reel before any digitizing as we feel this gives the most genuine sound.


Some are spiced up with a little spring or digital reverb and a small number feature analogue delay effects.


We made this set of breaks longer takes for more flexibility and chopping pleasure for those who like to flip a sample into their own thing.


We hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed playing, recording and processing them.

Dig in!


Sample Pack Features:

  • 150+ Breaks
  • 48 Fills or Rolls
  • 85 One Shots
  • Vinyl Crackle FX


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